Tinashe 自爆是雙性戀:我不明白大家怎麼那麼愛分類性向

tinashe bisexual

Tinashe 自爆自己是雙性戀者。

R&B 小天后 Tinashe 日前登上英國《GAY TIMES》同志雜誌封面,專訪時自爆自己是雙性戀者(Bisexual),同時她表示自己不想在性別上貼標籤。



Tinashe 表示,當有人說自己是雙性戀時,很多人就會開始亂想了,他們就是缺乏對性別的理解。




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All hands on deck! @tinashenow is making a splash as our new cover star.⁠ ⁠ As soon as we saw the camp and playful music video for Tinashe’s latest single Rascal, we knew we had to do something spectacular with her. A vintage pink car, Tinashe soda cans, and a 90s-inspired car wash photoshoot later, we think we achieved that and then some. ⁠ As a bisexual woman of colour working in the music industry, Tinashe has faced plenty of testing moments in her career. But she has a fiercely loyal LGBTQ+ following who will always support her. In the brilliant accompanying cover story, Tinashe is candid about her sexuality, the challenges she has faced as an artist and what we can expect from her next.⁠ GAY TIMES Magazine • AUTUMN 2020 • Issue 508⁠ ⁠ Photographer & Art Direction @vijatm⁠ Words @mrnicklevine⁠ Fashion Stylist @bradleykennethstyle⁠ Fashion Assistant @alyxsc Hair : @clydehairgod at Forward Artists using Oribe ghdnorthamerica⁠ Makeup: @adamburrell using Fenty Beauty for The Only Agency⁠ Nails @nails_by_yoko⁠ Production Designer @213annie_sperling⁠ Studio @electricponystudios⁠ Retouching @lucaszalmas⁠ Producer Leah Blewitt #leahblewitt⁠ ⁠ Available worldwide now at the link in our bio!⁠

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而這並不是 Tinashe 第一次談到成為 LGBTQ + 社區的一員,2011 年她就在推特表示,自己喜歡男孩也喜歡女孩。

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