Little Mix 的 Leigh-Anne Pinnock 暗示:勿忘 Camila Cabello 種族主義

英國女團 Little Mix 的成員 Leigh-Anne Pinnock,日前對 Camila Cabello 過去發表的「種族主義」言論,認為不該忘記。

Leigh-Anne Pinnock 日前在 IG 談論「黑人平權」,她雖然表示,自己不想說出到底是誰,因為不想這麼做,雖然沒指名道信,但網友都十分確定,就是在指 Camila Cabello。


這不是 Leigh-Anne 最近第一次公開談論種族不公問題。這個月初,她就在 IG 談到了自己的種族主義經歷,並覺得因為自己是黑人,在 Little Mix  是「最不受歡迎」的成員。


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Like many of you, I have been feeling really heavy with everything that we are seeing online and hearing on the news. In the past I have mentioned some personal experiences that were triggered due to my race. More than ever I felt like it was time that I was completely open and honest with you all because finally, the world is awake and people want to listen, help and understand. I’m not doing this video for sympathy or for you to watch and then go about normal life. I’m doing it because enough is enough and hopefully from sharing this we can all do more to understand the racism that takes place. In doing this we are able to approach the bigger issue and break down systemic racism. All we want is equality and justice for our black community. 🖤

Leigh-Anne Pinnock(@leighannepinnock)分享的貼文 於 張貼

Normani 也在下方留言,表示自己跟她一樣,Leigh-Anne Pinnock 回應,這就是她們關係如此緊密的原因。

而早在今年黑人平權運動爆發之前,在 3 月份,Normani 就受訪直接說出了,被 Camila 歧視的感受。

Normani 破天荒回應被 Camila Cabello「種族歧視」霸凌:希望她學到教訓!

但也有網友認為,Camila 已經改過自新,她日前也與男友 Shawn Mendes 走上街頭,參與黑人平權大遊行,不應該一直抓著不放。


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